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The annual opening ceremony and internship commendation was held in Guamgning School

On September 21, The 2018 opening ceremony and internship commendation was held Guangming School of journalism and communication in Liu Huangfa lecture hall. School’s present, Vice dean of Guangmi...

For future journalists: " Forward with times and stand with truth "

​Dearstudents:Greetings!Today, in Beijing's most beautiful season, we solemnly hold the opening ceremony of 2018 freshmen of Guangming School of Journalism and Communication,CUPL. First of all, on...

Guangming School hold supervisor's meeting

On September 12,2018,thegraduatesupervisor'smeetingof Guanmming Schoolwas held inCUPL.School's president Shen Weixing, vice presidentYao Zejinand Liu Xuzhou, vice secretaryYin Weizhiand all therepr...

DiaoHaoxuan Received A in Berkeley Summer Session Courses

DiaoHaoxuan, one of the Junior students who participated in Berkeley Summer Session from July to August, 2018, has received score A both in investigative Reporting and Specialty Reporting class. Th...

The orientation day for freshman has come !

In September 1St2018, the orientation for freshman was initiated in Guangming School of Journalism and Communication. Vice president of Guangming School Yao Zejin and Liu Xuzhou , vice secretary of...

Guangming School students and faculties participated in China News Prizes and ChangjiangTaoFen Awards

On August 21, 2018, solstice 29, Guangming School faculty and students participated in the selection of the 28th China News Prizes and the 15th ChangjiangTaoFen Awards in Beijing. School's presiden...


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